New single!

New Double A Side single - Indian Holy Man & Karma Blues coming out on 1st June 2019!

listen here

It’s a taster for forthcoming album ‘Irreverent Melodies’. 

Irreverence has always been The Oxbow Lake Bands defence in dealing with life’s challenges. In this case, taking a self-deprecating and tongue in cheek aim at spirituality. 

Indian Holy man is a Hammond driven raga inspired by a visit to India and Karma Blues a jazz pop eulogy on the pitfalls of acquiring good Karma. 

The 7 piece ‘Oxbows’ apply their now infamous (!?) and uncompromising ‘wall of sound’ (which basically involves throwing everything, including the kitchen sink, at a tune!). 

More info from the band; 

The album ‘Irreverent Melodies’ will be out in the spring of 2020, on Village Sunsets Records, with an accompanying tour, where we may be encouraged to travel out with our ‘home turf’ of Scotland! 

The band has no real musical barriers or agenda; the album is half recorded, including a cover of Gil Scott Herons ‘The Bottle’. It’s soulful and departs into endless styles, but essentially, it is us; a unique mix. 

Thanks. xxx 

To explain the tracks further; (A moments encounter with an) Indian holy man (to give its full title!!) was inspired by a brief encounter with an Indian Guru, mediating at the side of the road, on the chaotic streets of Mumbai. Andy wrote the lyrics, in a strange state, while making a hasty country exit due to some form of exhaustion and illness. With no interest in defining people by their nationality, we only used the reference to 'Indian' as it was a nod to the classic track 'Indian rope man'. xx 

Karma blues is a down tempo locked in jazz pop groove with a middle section designed to elevate the spirit (and tipping a nod to the spiritual jazz movement). 

Exclusive Track!

Exclusive live Oxbows track on Buchan Sunsets Compilation


A sound check of Neanderthal Blues, where the organ stopped working and to everyone's amusement Kenny blew his trombone like a demon to fill the gap. Pro recorded and mixed, it sounds great, locked-in funkiness!

Loads of great artists from the NE of Scotland and interesting unique collaboration and exlcusive tracks. enjoy.